Reconnect with your creativity

It begins with the breath . . .

Write what you know. Really?

You’ve heard that advice. But how can you write what you know, when you don’t know what you know? What are you thinking? What are you feeling?

The past few years have been stressful to say the least. Many of us have been in survival mode, trying to stay healthy and protect our families. Creativity has taken a back seat.

You’re more disconnected from your creativity than ever.

Remember you are a creative being.

You just forgot. You got caught up in roles and responsibilities, some of which you may not have chosen. Mindfulness can help you reconnect you to your imagination. By training your mind to stop ruminating over the past and worrying about the future, you can arrive at the present where creativity flourishes.

You are a creative being. You have stories to tell. You have a unique perspective.

Quiet the noise. Quiet the inner critic.

With mindfulness, you quiet the noise of the demanding world outside you and the yammering of the critic inside you. In that stillness, you connect with your true creative nature. From there, you can begin to remember what it is you are to create.

Barriers fall away. You see yourselves and the world clearly. You feel your connection to humanity and the arts. Ideas present themselves. Stories reveal themselves.

Take a mindful approach to writing.

I teach a mindful approach to the blank page through Mindful Writing workshops and retreats, which are a combination of mindfulness instruction, meditation, writing exercises, and sharing and feedback.

Work with me.


I offer Mindful Writing workshops to build a mindful approach to the writing life and to open up ways of seeing to generate ideas. In addition, I lead traditional fiction and non-fiction workshops for groups to support and encourage each other.


Join me for day-long or weekend Mindful Writing retreats, in which we meditate and write around a theme. A couple of past retreats were Leap into Leap Day and The Body Tells the Story.

One-on-One Coaching

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I loved your course…. I see the clear connection between meditating and writing and plan to add this to my practice. Every single exercise you led us through produced new and interesting material for my novel and further developed the characters.

Kirsten C., student, Building a Mindful Writing Practice

Susan was a fantastic facilitator. Her guided meditations were wonderful: spacious, open with brief and poignant guidance introduced throughout. Her ability to adapt to the group was impeccable. Her humor and quick wit added a lightness to the group and softened the glow of vulnerable sharing of personal writings. Her attention to the group as a whole was on point throughout.

Mara W., Leap into Leap Day Weekend Retreat


Susan Barr-Toman has been teaching writing for 13+ years. She is the author of the award winning novel, When Love Was Clean Underwear. Her writing has appeared in The Washington Post and the Los Angeles Review of Books among others.

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Reach out if you are interested in joining an existing workshop or retreat, or if you would like to discuss a customized workshop for your studio, school, or organization.

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