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Los Angeles Review of Books, book reviewer

Grown-up Desires” a review of Andrea Jarrell’s I’m the One Who Got Away.

In I’m the One Who Got Away, Jarrell has composed a collage of the people she used to be, to create a portrait of the woman she is — self-aware and unafraid.

Mother’s Milk” a review of Janet Benton’s Lilli de Jong.

In detailing the suffering of these women, Benton reminds us that they don’t exist in just the past. Unfortunately, this mindset continues today. Victims are blamed for their situations. There was more than one woman at the Women’s March carrying a sign reading: “I can’t believe I’m still protesting this shit.”

Philadelphia City Paper’s “Get Lit” blog, contributing writer covering Philadelphia authors, books, and literary events.

Unfortunately all City Paper archives were removed from the Internet.

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