A moment of silence with Scorsese, Walken …

My good friend and life coach Janice Molinari posted this Criterion Collection video “The Gift of Room Tone” on Facebook the other day. It’s intriguing so see the way different people react to being silent.

Years and years ago, Janice got me a job at MTV working for a new production called, if I remember correctly, “Squeal.” I packed up my life and moved to NYC. The Friday before my start date I called to get the logistics of my first day and was told the show was cancelled. “What does that mean?” I asked. “You don’t have a job.”

So, I took on temp jobs and worked on student and independent films when I could. On Gary Nadeau‘s “Red,” I was the boom operator for a few days. I would stand with my hands holding up a pole with a mic on the end getting close to the actors, but not too close or I’d hear “Boom” as I entered the frame.

I remember taking the room tone. A room full of people, mostly volunteers, sitting quietly before we attempted to bring someone’s vision to light. I remember those moments. They felt sacred. We were taking a minute before we created.

Happy New Year!